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Founded more than 15 years ago, alternatives is an independent consulting firm which supports transformative leaders, boards of directions and their teams in their endeavor for strategic and cultural transformation.

Réseau alternatives : Change differently

Principles of action

At alternatives, we are convinced that rigor and methodological creativity go hand in hand, that finesse of analysis does not preclude a strong synthesis, that because of the organizations’ increasing complexity aiming for simplicity becomes fundamental. And that sometimes being pragmatic also means taking the time to think in a different and original way.

Rigor and Creativity

Because general “ready for use” solutions are often inadequate for the individuals, we devise custom-made support platforms for every project, inspired by a continuous R&D and based on carefully tested, highly effective methodologies.

Finesse and Synthesis

Because the “big picture” is made of countless pixels, we integrate as many potential data as possible in our analysis in order to allow for a clear view of the challenges to emerge and to put the different issues into perspective.

Pragmatism and Originality

Because the shortest way between two points is not always a straight line, we do not hesitate to explore other universes in order to rethink practices in-depth while staying strongly committed to performance.

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